CleanAir Fan by Chao Yang
    The CleanAir Fan is an innovative, environmentally friendly product from Chao Yang. CleanAir Fan eliminates odors and harmful substances to provide you with a cleaner and healthier environment.
  1. Integrated active carbon fiber filters remove harmful substances 10-100 times faster than the ordinary activated carbon filter
  2. Absorbs and removes toxic substances, odors, and even invisible particles harmful to your health
  3. Anti-bacteria and Anti-fungal
  4. Protect you and your environment even when you sleep
  5. IntelliSense system automatically sets the clean air standards in your room and will not stop cleaning until the air is healthy for you. IntelliSense system monitor your room continuously and turns CleanAir FanTM on to keep your environment clean
  6. The adjustable, high capacity fan moves and cleans the air in your room faster than any ordinary air cleaner.
  7. CleanAir FanTM has variable fan speeds to ensure usage in all seasons
  8. Quality and specifications certified by the independent Japanese Air Filtration Standards. CleanAir FanTM removes smoke and odors for 120 days in a room burning 10 cigarates a day
  9. Gas-specific CleanAir FanTM and filtration systems also available.